meddler (plural meddlers)

  1. One who meddles or interferes in something not of their concern.
    • 1759: Adam Smith, The theory of moral sentiments [1]
      The prudent man is not willing to subject himself to any responsibility which his duty does not impose upon him. He is not a bustler in business where he has no concern; is not a meddler in other people"s affairs; is not a professed counsellor or adviser, who obtrudes his advice where nobody is asking it.
    • 1868: Horatio Alger, Struggling Upward [2]
      "Yes, Mr. Coleman, I have," answered Luke steadily. "I thought it my duty to inform this man of your character. I have advised him to put his money into a savings-bank."
      "Curse you for an impertinent meddler!" said Coleman wrathfully. "I"ll get even with you for this!"
      "You can do as you please," said Luke calmly.
    • 1934: H. P. Lovecraft, Through the Gates of the Silver Key [3]
      "Stop!" The hoarse, oddly alien voice of the Swami held a tone beyond all mere earthly fright "I told you there was another form of proof which I could give if necessary, and I warned you not to provoke me to it. This red-faced old meddler is right; I"m not really an East Indian. This face is a mask, and what it covers is not human.


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In other languages

7 letters in word "meddler": D D E E L M R.

No anagrams for meddler found in this word list.

Words found within meddler:

de dee deed deem deer del dele deled deme dere dered derm dree dreed ed ee eel el eld elder elm em eme er ere ered led lee leed leer leme lemed lere lered me med meddle medle medled meed meer mel meld melded melder merde mere mered merel merl merle re red redd reddle rede reded ree reed reel rem